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Flaming Forums, Insults, and Adult Humor  

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Category: WTF

 WTF Scat Porn Star Veronica Moser interview (8194 Hits)

 WTF True Love, an MSpaint story (2368 Hits)

 WTF An Illustrative Guide to Murder in mspaint (1465 Hits)

 WTF The creepiest family ever captured on film (22500 Hits)

 WTF Roger Williamson Fatal F1 Crash (3399 Hits)

 WTF David Blaine holds breath for 17 minutes (2675 Hits)

 WTF Man with TWO Dicks Fucking a Girl (18784 Hits)

 WTF Trapped in an Elevator for 41 Hours (4535 Hits)

 WTF A Guy Stabbed With a Sword doesn't Blood (2892 Hits)

 WTF Aftermath of dude being shot in the Face (4221 Hits)

 WTF Woman is stripped naked by Cops (9261 Hits)

 WTF Superman Slam at the All-Star dunk contest (2820 Hits)

 WTF Man faces Life in Prison for Stealing Donuts (2842 Hits)

 WTF Women Pulls Coke bottle out of her Snatch (8188 Hits)

 WTF African Pole Dancer (4528 Hits)

 WTF Guy Performs Magic Trick With Dollar Bills (2796 Hits)

 WTF Amazing Nuclear Explosions (3180 Hits)

 WTF Five Foot Shark Caught By Hand (6043 Hits)

 WTF Two Headed Snake Swallows a Mouse (3424 Hits)

 WTF Quit Smoking Message by Steven Hawking (2918 Hits)

 WTF Amusement Park Ride from Hell (5244 Hits)

 WTF Asian Chicks in a Pee Shooting Competition (6918 Hits)

 WTF Girl Eats Huge Live Scorpion (2865 Hits)

 WTF Disgusting Lesbian Pukes on Another (5740 Hits)

 WTF The Worlds Greatest Tetris Player (3299 Hits)

 WTF Firemen Lift Car With Hose Water (2842 Hits)

 WTF The Most Stupid Stunt of All Time (4135 Hits)

 WTF Smoking Hot Grandma? (9084 Hits)

 WTF Faces of Death Scene - Bear Eats Man (5833 Hits)

 WTF A Very Disturbing Porn Clip (12600 Hits)

 WTF Pilot Thrown into Helicopter Blades (5227 Hits)

 WTF How to Make a Home Made Gun (3215 Hits)

 WTF Breakdance Battle between 2 Cripples (2677 Hits)

 WTF Dog Attacks Armed Robber (2958 Hits)

 WTF Chick has sex with Teddy Bear (7232 Hits)

 WTF Shocking Death Sideshow - Obscene! (4822 Hits)

 WTF Guy Hit Hard By a Car At A Racing Event (2121 Hits)

 WTF Amazing Russian Street Climbing Video (3931 Hits)

 WTF Two Brothers Street Climbing (2193 Hits)

 WTF Nine year old Soccer Whiz Rhain Davis (3479 Hits)

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